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I Am Not Thirteen by A.O. Monk - Ebook

I Am Not Thirteen by A.O. Monk - Ebook

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I Am Not Thirteen is available for download as a mobi, ePUB, and PDF.

Yesterday, Amy was about to turn twenty-six. She didn’t have much: a good-enough job, too much student debt, an ex she couldn’t quite get over. Today, that’s all gone. Today is Amy’s birthday––her thirteenth birthday––and the first day of seventh grade. The last thirteen years vanished overnight.

Amy has no idea how she got here or how she can get back. If she can get back. No one else remembers the future. If she confides in the wrong person, she’ll be bullied, committed, even killed. How can she tell the right people from the wrong ones?

On top of all this, Amy has to survive middle school, again. All the bullies, mean girls, nasty teachers, and hormone-crazed hellions are still there. And what’s the story with that weird snake symbol she sees everywhere—or the guy who seems to know way more about her than he’s willing to tell?

For Amy, the nightmare is just beginning.

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