About Calhoun Press

Calhoun Press is a small publisher based in Kaneohe, Hawaii. We publish books, ebooks, and zines (handmade/photocopied magazines). We publish fiction and nonfiction. Our titles focus on arts and crafts, culture, and social trends.

Some of our titles include:

  • Deep Dreams of Electric Sheep - A zine on deep dream technology and how artists can use it in their art.
  • Lucky 13 - A young adult time travel series. 
  • The Mirage - A thriller series set in Reno, Nevada, about gambling and greed.
  • Onmoku - A fake fanzine that reviews "music so obscure, it doesn't exist." Features interviews, music reviews, concert calendars, and feature stories for nonexistent bands.
  • Onmoku True Horror - Same as above, except with reviews of nonexistent horror films and franchises.

Calhoun Press was started by Elizabeth Main in order to publish and distribute works that were hard to classify, and to offer new perspectives on social issues.

Get in Touch

The easiest way to get in touch with us is to use our contact form on our website. You can also get in touch with us through our social media pages, including:

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