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Onmoku Issue #1 - Digital Edition

Onmoku Issue #1 - Digital Edition

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This music fanzine features profiles and interviews of the world's best fictional bands, musicians and musical acts. This zine includes:

  • An interview with Haidt-Ashbury, lo-fi electronica duo, on pop culture and the Illuminati
  • Reviews of music by Shiba Eno, The Magical Schoolgirls, Mrs. Curry, The Subjective Agency, Infinite Jetts, and more
  • Ghost stories about strange creatures in the woods, Bloody Mary, psychics, dead relatives, and more
  • Lots and lots of xerox art.

This digital edition contains both a basic PDF that you can read on your computer or smartphone, as well as a printable, saddle stitch booklet that you can print out yourself on any printer that makes double-sided copies.

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