Zines For Sale: Physical and Digital Zines, Available Now

Zines For Sale: Physical and Digital Zines, Available Now

New zines are now for sale on the Calhoun Press store. Here's a little bit of information about them, along with some photos and videos of the zines themselves. 

Oahu in Black and White

Oahu in Black and White is exactly what it says it is: a zine full of black and white images of Oahu, Hawaii's third largest and most populated island. These images showcase everything from the windward-side beaches to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

This zine isn't available to ship yet, but you can download a copy for $2.99 here



Onmoku is a music fanzine for nonexistent bands. Each issue features profiles and interviews of the world's best fictional bands, musicians and musical acts. This zine includes:

  • An interview with Haidt-Ashbury, lo-fi electronica duo, on pop culture, the Illuminati, the creative process, and more.
  • Reviews of albums by Shiba Eno, The Magical Schoolgirls, Mrs. Curry, The Subjective Agency, Infinite Jetts, and more artists
  • Ghost stories about strange creatures in the woods, Bloody Mary, psychics, and dead relatives
  • Lots and lots of xerox art.

Onmoku is available as a physical zine and digital download on the Calhoun Press store. 

Flying Colors

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    Flying Colors: This zine features illustrations made with the program Flying Colors 2 by Magic Mouse Studios. The images in this zine loosely tell a fairy tale about the trials and tribulations of a knight's defeat of an evil magician.

    Never Trust a Magician, from the Flying Colors Zine.

    "Flying Colors" (the zine, not the program) is available as a black-and-white physical copy and as a full-color printable download on the Calhoun Press store.

    If this program looks interesting to you, I suggest you buy a copy from the Magic Mouse website. It will still work with older computers, and can work on newer Windows computers with a bit of tweaking. It's a fun program to use, and the images it creates have a very nice "old school" feel that is hard to duplicate with any other program.

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